Pay & Benefits

Pay & Benefits

We offer a comprehensive pay and benefits package to social workers in recognition of their skills, knowledge, and expertise.


Post Newly Qualified Social Worker Social Worker (Level 1) SW2 Social Worker (Level 2) SW2 Senior Practitioner SW3 Team Manager SW4 Group Manager SW5
Basic Salary £29,590 Up to £36,109 Up to £39,532 Up to £44,218 Up to £48,176 Up to £52,159
Market Premia * N/A £2,000 pa £2,500 pa £3,000 pa £4,000 pa £7,000 pa
Retention Payment
(pro rata to contractual hours)
payable in April as a lump sum
£2,000 upon completion of the ASYE programme £2,000 pa £3,000 pa £3,000 pa £3,000 pa £3,000 pa
The above retention payments apply to all social work roles after 1 year services in post, except social work roles in Fostering, Adoption, Youth Offending and SARs where the following applies – £2,000 after 2 years service in post, increasing to £3,000 after 4 years service.
Car Allowance Essential User Allowance with the option to transfer to Lease Car Scheme following completion of the probationary period

The annual retention payment is subject to the following criteria being met-

  • In post as at 31 March each year and not submitted a resignation prior to the payment being made
  • Not subject to any formal disciplinary or capacity process
  • Performance level – achieving or above

Please be advised that the market permia and annual retention payment will be reviewed by the Council on an annual basis and may be subject to amendment/withdrawal.

In addition-

On a bi-annual basis one of the following options* can be requested (length of service will be defined from April 2018 and not actual length of service)

  • Option 1: After 3 years continuous service 4 weeks sabbatical (which could be combined with up to 2 weeks annual leave)
  • Option 2: After 4 years continuous service 6 week sabbatical (which could be combined with up to 3 weeks annual leave)
  • Option 3: After 4 years continuous service professional development package to obtain a Masters Degree in Practice Education or Systemic therapy or public administration or other relevant practice area. Package would include release for teaching time and proportional payment of fees, refundable if incomplete or not passes.

*subject to parameters of the scheme being met


An important priority for the council is to ensure our employees feel fit to come to work.
As an employer we are continually reviewing and introducing new initiatives
to enable employees to maintain good health and well-being.

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